Michael Baker Street Magician



"Shuffle shuffle spread and dribble the hands of a master performing a miracle.
They ask if it’s true, his eyes ask if not they stare with blank face and explode like a shot.
With wonder filled eyes their perceptions bent, they intrigue him for more they ask where it went.
But as he smiles and as hands glides the card comes to the top and flips on its side.
With ninja like stealth a warrior of kind the folks are amazed and disturbed in their minds.
For when he makes magic for when he performs, Michael Baker brings wonder to reality, transformed..."

Hey Michael,

Fantastic! Great video. You have a nice easy style, relaxed and quite magical. I predict an excellent career unfolding…
Thanks for sending.


Brad Christian Ellusionist.com • 29 March 2011

Hi Michael,

Just a short message from Christiane and myself before we go on honeymoon.  Just to say a very big thank you for your magic show at our reception.

There was not a single guest that wasn’t singing your praises after you left, as you mesmerised them all.  You obvious love and enthusiasm for what you do, shone through like a beacon and that enthusiasm bonds you with your audience brilliantly.

Your presence and performance was a part of our wedding day that we shall remember and treasure forever.
Look forward to speaking when we get back.

Very best wishes and thanks again.

John & Chris • 15 October 2011

Michael Baker was not our first or even second choice for a magician for our wedding. But searching for magicians in our area, we decided to go with Michael Baker. After an great performance, Michael will now be our first choice for any further events. We are now a fan of Magic Michael Baker. He can entertain and amaze any ages. We will always highly recommend him.

Robert & Erin Goodman • 20 October 2011

Hey Mike, Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed your shows and your time around the dining room. I was at the table with the big guy with the Dice. I've never seen up close magic that amazing in my life. Again, thank you for making our family vacation that much more memorable.

Johnnie Jeffery Couch • 20 January 2013

Hey Magic Mike, great meeting you on the Carnival Cruise. My favourite kind of magic is close up/ street magic. Me and my wife loved ya man.

Marcus Dickey • 10 August 2012

Thanks for all of the fun on Carnival's Magic ship, you pulled off some crazy cool stuff and kept us in stitches!!! If I may, I have one simple suggestion... you need a jesters hat to go along with your tricks!!! Thanks again...

Kendall and Chrissy :)

Kendall Howerton • 12 November 2012

Michael Baker's talent goes beyond greatness! He naturally makes it all look so easy and simple. He's worked so hard to do that. I remember watching Michael on stage performing and how he would make the audience gasp with amazement and have them laughing. This showed the true showmanship that he has in him. He is not just a magician, he is a performer. He’s unique and a genius!

Erin Atkins • January 2013