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The Magic

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Close-Up magic

“I’ve never seen sleight of hand this smooth and entertaining in all my years” — Patrick Smith

It doesn't happen on a stage, but in front of your very eyes. It’s called close up magic, and its magic that’s up close and in your face, pure and undeniable. You will witness some amazing miracles.

With his award winning skills of sleight of hand, misdirection, showmanship, and psychology, Michael gives an unforgettable close up magical experience that will leave you wanting more. It's full of audience participation, sharp humour, and an all-round inspiring experience. Michael’s close up magic is enjoyable for everyone. He has redefined the genre of magic and sleight of hand for the intelligent, modern audiences.

His style of magic has come from advice that Michael has been given over the years by some of the greatest and most famous magicians of our time. Michael is a moving performer, a fascinating artist entertainer, and a wildly creative magician. In this type of magic, Michael uses everyday objects to perform amazing miracles. This kind of magic is ideal for events such as weddings, private functions, and corporate events where groups can gather around and witness the magic and miracles that Michael presents. Michael has a legendary reputation for performing sleight of hand with an impressive fluidity and sense of artistry. Anything becomes magical in his hands: playing cards, coins, elastic-bands, keys, sponge balls, and even borrowed objects such as a book.

Experience the magic from the magician that so many people can’t stop talking about. Michael will leave a magical impression in your mind long after he has gone.


Michael Baker Video

Street Magic

“I was so amazed that I asked and got Michael’s Autograph. I’m now a HUGE fan!” — Robert Davis

To gain the experience of performing magic in front of an audience, Michael started off his career by busking on the streets, performing phenomenal street magic for a whole day at a time.  In this, Michael learnt how to draw an audience in from passers-by and performed an entire act for them. While Michael was busking, he would pack his pockets full of magic props and the tools of his trade (playing cards, coins, red sponge balls, ropes etc.). 

His street show consisted of amazing sleight of hand, with borrowed items from his audience. Also, he would occasionally perform some great mentalism tricks. He would perform his street show with great wit, charm, and seamlessly impossible magic using just the tools of his trade. Michael would borrow everyday objects from his audience such as money, lighters, books, etc.  He can think quickly and make ordinary objects appear magical. 

Throughout the years of performing street magic, Michael gained the ability to draw and hold an audience and keep them wanting more. This skill is frequently cited by practitioners as a skill of greater importance than the illusions themselves.  After all, magic isn't magical without someone there to witness it.

Michael Baker Video

Stage magic

“Michael is a moving performer and a modern showman. He can even make the most cynical GASP” — Ruth Jenkins

Best known for his combination of moving storytelling and his magical performance on stage, Michael Baker has taken a strong lead in the new generation of variety magic performance.

Michael has brought his unique brand of humour, wit, charm, and specialty one man magic performances onto the stages in cities all over England, tours throughout the world, and on the cruise ships in the U.S.  Michael has entertained at sold out performances throughout the world.

Michael’s technically difficult magic routines combined with his great on stage presence are inspiring for his audiences of all ages. Michael is a moving performer, a fascinating artistic entertainer and a wildly creative magician. He has redefined the genre of magic for the intelligent, modern audiences. His stage show is full of audience participation, sharp humour, and all-round inspiring experiences.

Michael is one of the few performers who have been professionally and classically trained on stage presence.

Michael’s stage show is now easy to experience, and Michael can perform his stage show at any venue with a stage. He can make his stage show last from thirty minutes up to two hours depending on what you’re needs are.

Michael is very respectful to everyone he meets, has up on stage, and performs his magic with. He is understanding and cares about the audience watching.

All of Michael's stages shows are written, produced, organised, directed, and performed by Michael himself.


The type of show Michael performs is from his successful stage show witch he had toured around the world performing and also performing on the cruise ships. “An audience with Magic Michael Baker” in this show as well as performing magic, he also performs some escapes (depending on how long of a show you are after).

Michael Baker Video

Kid's show magic

“Michael’s magic show for the kids, was the best part of our son’s party” — Claire and Lewis Riley

With a childlike sense of humour when performing for children, Michael (also known to the kids as "MAGIC MIKE"), gives fun filled magical experiences. Michael first started performing his kid’s magic show when he worked with Carnival Cruise Lines back in 2012. Michael performs the classic magic tricks for small children. In these shows, Michael also performs a funny show with balloon sculpting. Michael’s children show is performed at birthday parties, churches, preschools, elementary schools, Sunday schools, and libraries. 

Michael's kids show is artistically comedic in nature. When performing for children, Michael often uses certain illusions that are sure to spark their curiosity. He is able to relate to kids and appeal to their sense of wonder.  Children respond well to Michael's level of enthusiasm and are left in amazement after shows.