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“Michael Baker is Britain's best kept secret in magic”

Born in Gloucester (the south west of England) in 1987, Michael Baker (Magic Mike) has performed and has made his living doing phenomenal street magic and pickpocket (for entertainment only) around the world, entertaining and amazing people of all nationalities with his mind blowing magic. As a child Michael would use magic to escape and would perform whenever the opportunity arose. At school, Michael was granted a few precious minutes at the end of each school day to perform a stand-up magic routine for his classmates and teachers, provided that he would not perform during lessons.

Michael would endeavour to finish his school work early so that he could spend the rest of his time writing an act for the show he would perform for his peers. From an early age this gave Michael invaluable stage experience. His act included slight of hand, misdirection, showmanship and psychology.

By his early teens, Michael was working professionally; performing at weddings, birthday parties, charity events, etc. Michael's skills have attracted media attention with coverage in the local press publications.

Michael has always enjoyed performing from an early age, studying the art of magic, showman ship and pickpocketing and touring internationally since he was 16. He has built up a devoted and strong fan-base to rival many established artists and is ready to take on the world of magic.

In 2012, at the age of 25, Michael was recruited as a Table Magician by Carnival Cruise Lines (the biggest cruise liner in the world) based in the Caribbean. Impressed by Michael's skill and enthusiasm, the captain of the Carnival Magic entrusted Michael with his own stage show 'An Audience with Michael Baker'. He performed twice a week in front of an audience of over eight hundred passengers.

Michael has also created a series of incredible performance videos that have amazed thousands of viewers.

Michael has released his own personalised magic kit which he has successfully sold worldwide in over six different countries.

From day one Michael had the talent, the intelligence, and the drive to accomplish his dream in magic. Michael has turned life in to magic, and magic in to art.